Necromunda: Underhive Wars Operations, skirmish, and missions guide

  • Posted by Surya Abadi RCS
  • On 5 Agustus 2022
Initially, the barracks were used to train troops using elixir, whereas dark barracks trained troops using dark elixir. However, the July 2022 update made all troops free to train, with the primary limitation being space in the army camps. Both sets of barracks can be upgraded to higher levels to unlock more troops . The […]

Best Among Us mod 2021: Download the best ones

  • Posted by Surya Abadi RCS
  • On 4 Agustus 2022
For years, people have created fan-made files to implement into video games. While they tend to be for the PC platform, mods allow players to enjoy each digital world in a new way. Mods can serve different purposes depending on what the developer wants to improve. Among Us was inspired by the live party game […]

X8 Sandbox APK No Root latest 0 7 6.2-9 for Android

  • Posted by Surya Abadi Dutaindo
  • On 3 Agustus 2022
Many are confused about how the Maher trophy number can stay the same for 3 weeks in a row. That’s the secret behind the perch of Jorge Yao’s name for 6 months in a row. The history of the strategy that can be said to be unethical is used by the top players in Clash […]

How to Install Mods in Among Us

  • Posted by SAD Review
  • On 2 Agustus 2022
This mod randomly assigns the Doctor role to one of the crewmates. Playing as the Medic, you’ll be able to revive dead teammates in the MedBay. So, if you find them elsewhere on the map, you’ll also have the option to pick them up and drag their corpse to this location. This feature gives us […]
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